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IOP2018. Los jóvenes toman las riendas

IOP2018 fue un intercambio juvenil realizado en septiembre de 2018 en Gran Canaria que trajo a unos 50 chavales de alrededor de Europa para aprender a escribir proyectos europeos y a comunicarse a través de los nuevos medios. ¡Esto es todo lo que hicimos!

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"A Room In The Clouds" / "Una habitación en las nubes. Parador de Cruz de Tejeda

We recently had the pleasure of visiting the wonderful Parador in Cruz de Tejeda, Gran Canaria. If you are wondering what a parador is, they are government run and normally located in an emblematic building of great historical significance.

Recientemente hemos tenido el placer de visitar el maravilloso Parador en la Cruz de Tejeda, Gran Canaria. Si te estás preguntando qué es un parador, están gestionados por el Gobierno y usualmente localizados en algún edificio emblemático con una gran significancia histórica. 


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Patrick Seabase, Swiss Cycling Pro: Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria on the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago, is one of the most diverse and beautiful places to go cycling. 
It offers spectacular roads and stunning views that put your mind at ease.

In January 2015 Patrick Seabase explored the volcanic island in the atlantic ocean on his track bike (ratio 47/17). 
Preparing himself for an upcoming project - he covered 12000m of altitude throughout 25 hours of freeriding within 6 days.
"Gran Canaria inspired me to put together an edit, showcasing the beauty of this island."
The Song, Musette and Drums from the Cocteau Twins, giving the clip its audial support, is featured on their album "Head over Heels", which was one of the first cassettes Patrick owned when he was a child.

Filmed and Edit: Alex Rankin

Audio: Cocteau Twins "Musette and Drums"

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The Ultimate Travel Accessory?

With so many gadgets designed to make travel more comfortable available, you would end up needing a separate bag if you bought them all. A neck pillow to attempt some sleep, eye mask to hide from the Ryanair sales assistants and a travel blanket to stay warm. 

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