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IOP2018. Los jóvenes toman las riendas

IOP2018 fue un intercambio juvenil realizado en septiembre de 2018 en Gran Canaria que trajo a unos 50 chavales de alrededor de Europa para aprender a escribir proyectos europeos y a comunicarse a través de los nuevos medios. ¡Esto es todo lo que hicimos!

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The Wolfpack: A True Story

In the Spring of 2010, filmmaker Crystal Moselle saw a group of six boys darting in and out of the crowds “They ran past me. They had this amazing hair and they were all in sunglasses,” she explains. “I instinctively ran after them.” Little did she know that her decision to follow them would become a five-year project – and result in one of the most acclaimed documentaries of 2015, The Wolfpack.

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