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Monday Recipe: Halloween Ghost Brownies

How to make beautiful and tasty Halloween Treats for Halloween at home. How cute are these Ghost Brownies!? These ghost brownies would be super fun for a Halloween party. The kids are sure to love these! Not only are they delicious, but super fun and a perfect spooky treat for Halloween! It’s fun to make these. You can make different faces for the ghosts or make it look like they’re dripping in blood. I love playing with food. So today I will show you how to make devilry delicious chocolate fudge brownies with ghosts and zombies.

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"A Room In The Clouds" / "Una habitación en las nubes. Parador de Cruz de Tejeda

We recently had the pleasure of visiting the wonderful Parador in Cruz de Tejeda, Gran Canaria. If you are wondering what a parador is, they are government run and normally located in an emblematic building of great historical significance.

Recientemente hemos tenido el placer de visitar el maravilloso Parador en la Cruz de Tejeda, Gran Canaria. Si te estás preguntando qué es un parador, están gestionados por el Gobierno y usualmente localizados en algún edificio emblemático con una gran significancia histórica. 


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