Food Review: Chef on the Road


I’ve always been a lover of food trucks, from the basic road side cafés in the UK to the new trend of gourmet food vans. For me, it's a lot about the story of the vendors, chefs becoming unhappy with the restaurant that they're working in and setting up on their own in a truck, or a couple of friends facing unemployment and taking the plunge to become their own bosses doing something that they love.

Gran Canaria’s absence of food trucks (don't confuse them with chiringuitos at festivals) has been surprising for me due to the large cosmopolitan population, but I always put it down to the bureaucratic difficulties when trying to open a business.  However, recently I saw a food truck driving through the capital and set to finding more about it.

Chef on the Road was in Parque San Telmo this weekend and offered a great place to enjoy a drink and something to eat. With the Kiosko in San Telmo remaining closed even with the promise of it being open for this summer, it is great that Chef on the Road are providing a much needed place to enjoy the day.

The food van offers artisinal burgers, freshly made lemonade, cakes, rolls and gourmet coffees.

Chef on the Road, Food Truck

I tried the hamburguesa "la del Chef" a succulent beef patty, cooked medium rare, with setas (wild mushroom), parmesan cheese and mango chutney, absolutely delicious. Served in a lovely fresh poppy seed bun and custom wrapped. Food heaven, perfect.


The freshly made lemonade was made with lemons, fresh mint and fresh ginger and was a great change from the sickly sweet soft drinks normally on offer, possibly a little bit too much ginger for me, but delicious nonetheless. 

Lemonade with mint and ginger. Chef on the Road. Gran Canaria

The van itself is lovely bright red colour, very clean and with a friendly chef, there is also lots of modern seating. 

Chef on the Road. Gran Canaria

I'm sure that Chef on the Road will be a great success and look forward to visiting them at other locations.

Hopefully this will also open the door for more, inventive food vendors to hit the road and serve their wares to food lovers around the island.

Well done Chef on the Road :-)

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