Dog Runs Away From Abusive Home To Find A Family In This Beautiful Ad


Baxter the dog goes through what too many unloved dogs go through. Tied up outside, neglected and abused.

However in this heart warming ad from Blue Cross animal charity, Baxter escapes from his chains and runs away in search of a better life.

As he makes his way through the night, he sings Gloria Gaynor’s “I will Survive”. The lyrics have a whole new meaning when sung by Baxter.

Share this moving video with your friends and help spread the positive message to adopt a homeless animal like Baxter. They have so much love to give!


If you are in Gran Canaria, visit  Anahi,  Albergue or one of the many other registered animal protection charities on the island. If you are in the UK, The Blue Cross are a wonderful charity and they all need support.