The Bubble Tent (English)


Do you love being in the great outdoors? You can now enjoy camping and all of nature with a clear view while you are inside your tent with The Bubble Tent, your transparent outdoor home, strong enough for all seasons.

Made of double stitched, strong PVC tarpaulin, the dome is water-proof and fire-retardant and portable, it can also stand high and low temperatures. It features an inflator to keep it up, so it's easy to set up and take down for storing and transportation. Its also spacious with 13 foot diameter.

If you want to enjoy the world in full clarity, or are simply an exhibitionist, set this up by the sea (not permitted in Gran Canaria) or in the forest somewhere and be at one with nature.

 The Bubble Tent comes with a storage bag, repair kit, and optional lighting and heating systems, in case you decide to live in it permanently.