Clementine Campardou: Talented Illustrator


Clementine is a French illustrator and designer living in Sydney, Australia.

She set herself a challenge about 2 years ago to paint a picture every day to share with the world and since then has published more than 500 paintings.

Today, I have published more than 500 paintings, my very own way of spreading happiness, with big splashes of color and happy shapes.

— Clementine Campardou


Working mostly with watercolour because she enjoys the process to be fast and spontaneous.

I need it to be fast and I like the spontaneity of it. Sometimes paintings seem like they are moving on their own, alive, like clouds in the sky. Shapes can appear from a part you didn’t control, letting your imagination do the work, like a Rorschach test.

— Clementine Campardou

She is clearly inspired by 80s POP culture, super heroes and strong independent women, or as she describes them "the real heroes".

We absolutely love her work and are sure that you will too. 

She also has a wonderful mailing list where she sends a daily email with a colourful picture to brighten up your day. Click the button to read more about it.

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