Is Your Child's Education Being Harmed By A 12 Week Summer Holiday?


Carlos Martínez, head of the IMF Business School believes that the long holidays enjoyed in Spain are putting children's education at risk based on data collected by the EU's education portal and Expedia.

Schools in Spain are closed from the middle of June until the middle of September. Other European countries such as Germany have half of that (6 weeks) for their school summer holiday. Martínez says that going three months without school has a negative effect on the child's education and that a growing numbers of organisations in Spain are calling for schools to reduce the length of their summer holidays.

One of those weighing in on the debate is  CONCAPA (Confederación Católica Nacional de Padres de Familia y padres de Alumnos), a nationwide organisation that represents Catholic families. They say that there is evidence that children simply forget how to study and that the long holidays also has an negative impact and causes difficulties for working parents who cannot take time off.

According to a survey conducted by Expedia, Spaniards enjoy Europe’s longest holidays getting on average 30 holiday days a year, the same as France, 9 days more than Ireland, and 19 more than Japan! However, the Expedia survey also discovered that Spaniards work a longer day than other Europeans. 

Spain is also the European country with the most bank holidays, with 10 national and then each region having 2 and each city another 2. Compare this to the UK with 8, and the Netherlands with 7.

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