Coffee Tonic, a New Member of the Ice Coffee Family


Summer's hottest tonic drink is alcohol-free.

Gin is no longer tonic's best buddy, lately it's been mixing with coffee in the coolest bars of New York, Sweden, San Francisco, London and Las Palmas.

Although coffee and tonic may sound like an strange combination, quinine (an ingredient in tonic) combines really well with the espresso.


We enjoyed a glass today in Taberna Arena, one of only two bars that we have found preparing it in Gran Canaria currently. They started with a chilled bottle of tonic and a tumbler.

Tonic, espresso, ice

The tumbler is filled with ice.

Tonic and ice

Pour the tonic over the ice.

Pour the espresso slowly over the tonic.

Voila! you have a refreshing, grown up fizzy drink, perfect for these balmy Canarian afternoons. Easy to make and surprisingly delicious.

The bars that we have found to make these cool cocktails are:

La Fabbrica in Santa Catalina


Taberna Arena in Triana