The Ultimate Travel Accessory?


With so many gadgets designed to make travel more comfortable available, you would end up needing a separate bag if you bought them all. A neck pillow to attempt some sleep, eye mask to hide from the Ryanair sales assistants and a travel blanket to stay warm. 

What if you could get all of those gadgets, plus a lot more, in one cool jacket? This is the promise made by a clothes design company and it has already attracted over $1,000,000 in pledges, incredibly, their goal was only €20,000 when they launched on Kickstarter on 7th July.

The company, BauBax have included 15 travel gadgets in one comfortable jacket.

They include utility pockets for smartphones and tablets, a drink pocket, the zip is a stylus/pen, hood, eye-mask and an inflatable neck pillow.

With lots of different jacket and sweater designs, even a smart blazer for the business traveller, there is something for everyone. A lot of the pledges have already sold out, which is a great sign for the future of this company and testament of their early popularity.

Here is their promotional video.

TravelDaniel Dixon