Review: Taberna Arena, Triana.


Taberna Arena is a hip bar/café in the Triana area of Las Palmas famous for their range of pintxos.

While similar to tapas, pintxos are generally smaller, come served on a small slice of bread and have a toothpick piercing them through the middle.

The name pintxo actually comes from the Spanish verb “pinchar” meaning to poke or stab which is exactly what the toothpick does.

Taberna Arena's friendly team create an exciting range of pintxos, including chistorra with quail egg, black pudding with tomato relish, and goats cheese with bacon, mushroom and balsamic vinegar, all delicious.

They also have a full menu including artisanal burgers, home-made lasagna, soups and much more.

They've also got some great beers and wine and a good selection of spirits. 

Taberna Arena is a great little place with very friendly and funny staff and an inventive and evolving menu.

The fresh decor and pleasant background music make it a place that you can relax and enjoy your food, no loud TV's blaring. It's clearly very popular with locals, business people and tourists.

You can find Taberna Arena on Calle Arena, Zona Triana, Las Palmas

Well worth a visit.