Ramses Pulido, Rapper & Graffiti Artist


As part of our series, GC's Got Talent, we met up with a very talented, "locally grown" rapper and graffiti artist Ramses Pulido and had a great chat. 

Hi Ramses, it's obvious that you love Hip-Hop, when did you first fall in love with it?

Well, I fell in love with hip-hop culture when I was eleven years old. My cousins used to listen to rap music and probably, because of that I got hooked on it.

Where exactly do you hail from?

I currently live in Telde, but I grew up in Carrizal.

Oh, okay. So, whose music did you actually grow up on?

As I have said, I grew up with rap music however I like other kinds of music like jazz, funk, but rap is my favourite without doubt. I need it everyday.

When did you get into graffiti art?

To be honest, I started to paint graffiti before writing lyrics, so I am not sure, but I remember that when I was at primary school when I drew my first graffiti sketch.

What do like about graffiti?

Almost everything, but especially letters. Writers (how we refer to  people who paint graffiti) choose their own name and play with their letters in order to create different structures and form. Moreover, behind a “simple graffiti”, there is a person who was there, a feeling and a story being told. Graffiti is far from simple and from my point of view, that is wonderful.

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Musically, what type of “vibe” are you on?

Currently, I am not dedicating so much time to my own music project because I am so busy with my job as primary education teacher and with audiovisual work too. However, at this time I am really enjoying my own creations, there is not so much quantity but there is much more quality.

RaMC, how did that moniker come to be?

MC (master of ceremony) is how music rappers are known and my name is Ramses, so I just had to join letters.

Do you have any personal fave track(s)? And, why that one/those specifically?

Not really, obviously there are lot of songs that I don´t like now, but each track represents a period of my life. If I have to choose (as almost all artists) I prefer my most recent creations.

What are your immediate plans for lasting in this gruelling business of music?

Do not wait for anything , just do it and enjoy it.

And, what do you like to do in your spare time completely away from this music?

I spend my time surfing,drawing, teaching… I love my life.

You have a great level of English, do you feel that this is important for your future?

Yes, of course I am teacher and the English language allows me communicate with everybody which is very important for the learning process.

What are your future long-term goals in life?

I am lucky to be doing everything that I love, but I would like to go abroad for a while and visit places around the world, that will be enough.

Are there any collaborations on other’s works to look out for from you in the meantime?

Yes I am starting to work as non professional filmmaker and I am involved in developing different videoclips and audiovisual projects.

Any message for our readers?

First of all, thanks to the Red Canary Project for this chance to express myself and for supporting other creative and talented Canarios. I would like to close this interview with my favourite phrase. Creative People Never Die.

“Creative People Never Die.”

— Ramses Pulido aka RaMC, Gran Canaria