10 Habits of the Best of the Best


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I have always been fascinated about the things that people at the top of their game do differently to others.

There are many different habits but here are 10 that I have found helped them to stand out from the crowd.

1. They always look forward

Instead of letting their past problems, mistakes, failures and difficulties define their destiny, they constantly look ahead to what is possible. They know that as long as they are still alive then there is more to be done and achieved.

2. They are goal-oriented.

They visualise what they want for their lives and then plan it, writing down their goals and what they need to do to achieve them.

3. They take action.

The understand that their goals will not be realised without hard work. Many people complain about how hard their lives are, while these people are moaning, the successful people are moving forward and getting on with things. 

4. They surround themselves with positive people.

They understand how important it is to be surrounded by other like-minded individuals who help each other to win in life. Their friends help them to achieve their dreams and goals. They want nothing to do with negative people who drain the life out of everyone they come in contact with and are not interested in befriending regressive thinkers and those who are challenged by change.

5. They invest in personal development.

Regardless of how successful they are, they are always improving their skills, learning new ones and are always eager to learn from others. They work harder on themselves than on anything else. They are constantly searching for ways to grow and get better. 

6. They help and serve.

They know that true success and fulfilment comes from helping others get to where they want to go. The best entrepreneurs, doctors, teachers, business owners and designers serve. Regardless of what area or job, the best of the best help and serve.

7. They work harder than anyone else.

The put in long hours, some might call them workaholics but becoming the top of your field rarely comes from luck or privilege. Even when they have a very healthy bank balance, they continue to work hard and seek out opportunity.

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8. Failure does not hold them back.

They genuinely thrive under pressure and understand that the difficulties that they are experiencing are a learning curve and that lessons can be learnt. The actually perform better when under pressure and do not give up. 

9. They are focused on a vision that is bigger than them.

They are never temporarily motivated by an exterior reward, instead they are driven by their personal mission in life, their goals and dreams and are on the ride for the long haul. They are not interested in get rich quick schemes.

10. They do not quit.

Ok, this sounds a bit cliché but it is true, the amount of persistence and perseverance that they have is incredible. Nothing stops them from getting up each morning and going to work. They are not interested in what haters have to say about their efforts or people challenging the way that they are doing things or doing things differently. They are on their own path and do not understand why people are so preoccupied with theirs, when they should be following their own paths.

They love the challenges that come with being the best and totally understand that it’s not about instant gratification but who can persevere through the most.

The day the best of the best gives up is the day that they will be in their coffins. 

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