Street Debate in Calle Triana

Last week our visiting youth volunteers from Turkey were immersed in the city centre of Las Palmas through a street debate. The Erasmus Volunteers from Turkey along with three A.C.S.E.S.O Erasmus+ interns from Italy were led by Paula Bolaños, Youth Leader at A.C.S.E.S.O to made the activity in Calle Triana.

The street project was prepared in the three days through:

1.    a simulation of the debate into the house between the three Italian interns and the Turkish group.

2.    looking for the questions for the final debates

3.    making all the necessary things to bring in the city centre for the activity like the poster, music etc.

The things that created the most interest between the people were some cultural questions about Turkey and its History and a sort of dance exchange in which the Turkish and the Spanish people showed their typical dances.

Andrea Luciani, August 2019


It was a very good experience because it help us and the Turkish guy with the connection with an another culture. It was also very interesting because i’ve never done experience like that before
— Andrea Luciani (Erasmus+ Intern)
It was very fun, because is wonderful see the Turkish guy, their mood of interact with another culture and with other people and also the arguments that they took was very interesting
— Samanta Corradetti (Erasmus+ Intern)
It was my first time with the debate experience, and I think that maybe in the projects in which i’ll take part i can propose that. It was a very nice experience because all the group participated with a lot of excitement and passion, and at the same time the Spanish people gave a big support for the realization of the work.
— Simone Secci (Erasmus+ Intern)
Simone Secci