Belén nos cuenta cómo está yendo su segundo mes como EVS en Belfast

Sophie and Belén in the Volunteer Now photo shoot to promote the befriending programme.

My second month here started after come back from my trip to Bochum (Germany) in the Easter break.

A lot of things have happened during this month, I signed up for a lot of projects and activities and I try to manage my time to fit as many as I can.

One of the purposes of this EVS for me was to be in touch with the Social Work field and figure out what direction I want my career to take. And according to that, I started to volunteer every Thursday afternoon for HAPANI (Horn of Africa People’s AID Northern Ireland).
HAPANI is an organisation that host a homework club for children of migrants or asylum seekers and I am the supervisor of the homework club. I thought it would help me to get experience and I also found interesting to work with migrants. I have just gone 3 times so I am still getting used but I think it will be a nice experience.

I signed up also to be a volunteer of Belfast Hills Partnership and do environmental activities the last Saturday of every month. And I will have a meeting with the person who organises workshops in Tools for Solidarity to talk about me volunteering there the first Sunday of every month.

I also volunteered for the NI Hospice Walk in Lagan Tow Path and I signed up to be a volunteer in the Belfast City Marathon and in the Festival of Fools. I find this a fantastic way to get to know the different parts of Belfast and to meet very nice people.

I also bet in the Grand National after my colleagues told me that it was a tradition here but unfortunately `Gas Line Boy` didn’t win. He got the 7th position though, so not so bad to be my first time.

I am as well going to activities organised by the Crescent Arts Centre as Yoga, Meditation and a class to make a scarf learning Patchwork techniques. This last one is really helping me to get faster the accent due to the fact that the class is basically 2 hours talking and listening to 6 lovely ladies.

I would like to do more volunteering in my free time to gain experience and see different fields and so for this I will try next month to meet the people in charge in the Foodbank, Trocaire, ChildLine and Victim Support NI so I can decide what opportunity suits me better.

I also applied to be a coordinator in one of the international camps that VSI organise in the summer, and despite I didn’t think they would take me due to my lack of experience, they did select me for a training the last weekend of May in Dublin. After the training they will decide if they really select me or not but at least, I will have the training and I am sure it will be a lot of fun.

So that’s it, my second month. Time flies!