Christmas time in Estonia


Christmas time is one of the most wonderful periods of the year in Estonia, even despite the fact that our country is one of the least religious countries in the world.

There are really short days in the winter in our country, so we wake up when it is dark and come home from work when it is also very dark. The weather is quite unpredictable and cold. For those reasons it is very important for us to be surrounded by our closest people, bright lights and spend evenings enjoying hot wine or tea. Christmas time motivates children to wake up on these dark mornings, because they know that there will be a present in a sock and candy in a Christmas calendar waiting for them.

With the Christmas and New Year holidays upon us, Estonian cities, especially the capital - Tallinn, turn into something fabulous and incredible: beautiful Christmas trees, lights and expressions, concerts, Christmas market in the old town with the smell of gingerbread cookies and joy.

Officially Christmas in Estonia is celebrated on 24-25 of December, but some people do not really celebrate it or celebrate orthodox Christmas on 7 of January instead, because there are mostly lutherans, orthodox people and atheists in our country. New Years is very important for lots of inhabitants of Estonia and some people prepare for it during the Christmas time. Christmas and New Years are occasions to spend with you family, friends or person you really love. Local people receive a reason to think a lot how to make the best people in your life happier with presents and how to spend the most meaningful day of the year together.

According to Estonian traditions, every Sunday of December until Christmas is called “advent”. Usually people stay at home with their families those days, light up candles and get into the atmosphere of Christmas. From the 3rd advent onward starts the time called “Christmas peace” - the time without quarrels or arguments.

All in all, Christmas time and Christmas in Estonia means not only expressions, elves, advents and an occasion which can be celebrated in different times in the same country, but it is also a kind of miracle, because it makes people more kind, sincere and considerable towards others.

Written by Anna Lohmatova