Ancor Armas, EVS in Northern Ireland (1st month)

Time flies when you´re an EVS volunteer and I can´t believe I´m writing my first monthly report.

From the moment Mary picked me up from the airport, I´ve been running around in a rush as there are loads of things to do in the city. Despite the fact that you can feel exhausted after work, cooking, shopping, etc. Belfast´s a living city and you wouldn't like to miss what´s going on out there.

I used to live on the island (Eire) not such a long time ago and therefore, I knew what to expect from the city itself.

The more I travel, the luckier I consider myself for being born and raised in Canaries, as the Irish weather could drive you mad.

Nevertheless, I've found that warmth in other places. For instance, even though my work at Glencraig Community is being physically hard to keep up, there's a great staff team working in the community, in which we have roughly 60 volunteers working for different houses in the community, and besides, there´s large group of disabled adults taking part in the farm duties. It´s such a nice initiative from them that it´s being a role model for other local farms and communities in the area.

Regarding to the accommodation and weekly pocket money, this last one is enough to live on in Belfast if you´re smart enough to manage it. Mary kindly keep us up to date about all the events and activities in Belfast. I try to meet with other volunteers and local people as much as possible since that´s the EVS spirit! Throughout the first days, Mary brought us to the doctor, library, supermarket and we had a nice tour in the city that was very enjoyable

To sum up with this first report, this first month´s been quite crazy due to all these things happening and I want to thank to Mary and Daniel for your support over this last month, as they've always being there for any doubts I have had and offer great advice. I hope to keep enjoying this experience as much as I do now.

Best regards,


Ancor is a very motivated young man from Gran Canaria who is currently volunteering in Northern Ireland for a year.

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