EVS Opportunity: Montessori Kindergarten Munketal

The request of a young child "Help me to do it myself!" became the main objective of the employees of the Montessori kindergarten.

Since 1992 the kindergarten teachers have created an ambience, which addresses all senses of the children, giving them space to feel comfortable and discover the world meeting their own needs and interests.

Your tasks in the project are:

The volunteer accompanies and supports the daily work in the kindergarten. The aim is to speak and show the Spanish language through daily interaction to the children.

Possible tasks would be for example:

  • -  work with a mixed aged group with many preschoolers

  • -  carry out tasks belonging to the everyday life of the kindergarten

  • -  help out in organizing and assisting festivals and celebrations

  • -  bring in the experience of his own cultural background

  • -  enrich the daily routine through language material that is prepared by him/her, songs, games etc.

  • -  participate in the preparation and accomplishment of the Volunteer-Festival

  • -  prepare a receipt for the volunteer cooking book

  • -  participate in the activities from the EuroWerkstatt Jena e.V.

Volunteer profile:

  • Spanish as mother tongue
  • 18-30 years old
  • Organisational skills and flexibility.
  • Ability to work independently

We offer:

  • Low hierarchies
  • Space to develop your own creativity
  • Practical arrangements

The duration of the EVS is 12 months.

The EVS would start on the 01.09.2016 and ends at 31.08.2017.

The volunteer receives a monthly pocketmoney of 110 Euro and 220 Euro food allowance.

The volunteer has an own room in a shared flat.

We will organise a German language course (4 weeks, intensive).

The volunteer has to work 30h/week on 5 days, he or she has days off per month and takes part in 2 EVS-training-seminars.

In the end the volunteer will get a YouthPass-certificate.

The project is coordinated by  EuroWerkstatt Jena e.V.

How to apply:

- send an email to Daniel at info@ACSESO.org, attach your CV and cover letter. Daniel will send you the application form and can answer and questions. 

If you need support completing the application form or creating your CV, please make an appointment to visit us at one of our centres in Telde or Las Palmas.